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Corporate Litigation

Corporate litigation

Many different forces shape a business, be they internal or external. Shareholders, the company’s own administrative bodies and the different trading partners all have their particular influence on the business transactions that will eventually make it successful or not. The possible litigations arising from all the different business relationships ask for quick, targeted analysis and legal expertise in order to minimise damages. GMW Advocaten will stand by you in such moments, drawing from their rich experience and knowledge.

Corporate litigation

Corporate litigation comprises all legal issues and disputes concerning a business, particularly, but not exclusively, in the case of a private limited company (B.V.) or a public limited company (N.V.). Most cases of corporate litigation deal with disputes between national or international businesses, often with regard to contracts or the business itself. Internal corporate disputes may arise between shareholders, directors, and management; within the corporate governance conflicts could be fed by disagreements with regard to corporate liability and mismanagement or disputes arising on the occasion of a takeover.

Our role

Corporate litigation is conducted both in court as well as through its own typical channels of proceedings. This could result in a request for an inquiry lodged with the Enterprise Section of the Court of Appeal, in the buying out or expelling of a partner, arbitration or by the "jaarrekeningprocedure". Whilst we strive to protect your economic and commercial interests by taking matters to court we will also consider, where appropriate, a more innovative approach to settle matters in a  more costs effective way by means of mediation and arbitration. The corporate litigation team at GMW Advocaten has all the knowledge, experience and creativity it takes to give expert legal advice in all related cases. GMW Advocaten closely works together with specialised accountants and experts in liability and damages.


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