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Family law

GMW Advocaten has several legal teams focussing on divorce and family law. They are assisting Dutch and international individuals dealing with separation, divorce and related issues, representing them in court and/or handling mediation on their behalf. Foreign citizen usually must go to court in The Hague. Depending on individual circumstances, GMW Advocaten will help identify the law applicable for each case.


In the case of divorce, issues such as custody of children, child and spousal alimony, the division of assets, property and pension rights must be handled in an efficient and pragmatic manner. Together with experts in tax law the family lawyers at GMW Advocaten will help finding the optimal solutions to all of the above.
Issues, such as visitation rights, child abduction, donor’s rights, adoption and change of name and nationality are also handled within the family law team.

Inheritance law

Inheritance law is handled as a separate chapter within the Family Law section of GMW Advocaten. The team handling inheritance cases will assist in executing and administering the legal aspects of an estate,
It is worth mentioning that clients are always encouraged to divide their assets and property during their lifetime, and the inheritance law experts at GMW can be instrumental in finding the optimal solutions from the legal and fiscal point of view.


For more information please contact Antoine de Werd.

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