Debt collection

Every entrepreneur is familiar with the problem of a client who fails to pay, despite promising to do so. GMW lawyers has a specialised debt collection department. First, we can advise you about taking preventive measures with the aim of reducing the number of outstanding accounts. This can be done by drawing up good General Conditions and setting up an effective debtors policy. We can also take measures to collect the bills on your behalf, if your own reminders have not resulted in payment.

A short amicable settlement

First, we send the debtor a letter urging them to pay the bill. If payment is not made within the period indicated, we can send the debtor a summons.

Legal proceedings

In general, legal proceedings are brought before the court. If your claim is not disputed or not properly disputed by the debtor, it is possible to start preliminary relief proceedings.


In order to safeguard your rights, it is possible to seize a salary, business inventory, real estate, etc. before the legal proceedings. In the case of these so-called pre-judgment attachments, the judge in the preliminary relief proceedings must first be asked for permission with a petition. We can formulate these requests for you and supervise the subsequent attachments.

Applications for bankruptcy

Another common method of collection is an application for bankruptcy. We can apply for the bankruptcy of your debtor on your behalf if the latter has multiple creditors. No debtor likes to go bankrupt and the payment of your bill will follow very quickly.

Our experience has also shown that the above-mentioned measures are effective in most cases.

Further information?

If you wish to know more, or you have a question about a related subject, please contact our team; we will be glad to assist you.

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