Restart & restructuring

Some companies that run into financial trouble are able to overcome their problems, while others stop operating altogether. There are also some which decide to restart (sometimes with the same activities) and continue under another name, which may or may not be preceded by the bankruptcy of the old company. This is known as a restart.

Questions about restarts

Entrepreneurs are not always familiar with the legislation and regulations related to restarts. Frequent questions include:

  • What is permissible and what is not?
  • When and how is it actually possible to restart?
  • How do you prepare for this?
  • Should the entrepreneur go to a lawyer?
  • What is the relationship with the liquidator?
  • How do entrepreneurs protect themselves against someone who looks as though they might restart or go bankrupt?
  • What will the proposed new legislation do?

Supervision of the restart process

The lawyers in our Company & Insolvency law department specialise in supervising restarts. These are often intensive processes in which a great deal has to be done in a short time. The timing of this is very important and knowing how to proceed is critical. For this purpose we often work closely together with financial and fiscal specialists.

Further information?

If you have a question or need assistance with restart and restructuring, please contact us.

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