Illness & burnout

Should you become ill and be unable to work, a variety of problems and obligations arise, both for you as an employee and for your employer.

From the first day of sickness, it is very important that you and your employer strictly follow the applicable regulations. If either of you do not follow these procedures, you could be fined.

Assessment of illness and burnout

In general, if you are sick for longer than 1 week, then the company doctor (“bedrijfarts”) will be called upon. It is this company doctor alone, not the employer’s doctor nor your own personal doctor, who will assess whether you are unable to work due to sickness.


If your sickness persists, then you and your employer must draw up a plan of action to reintegrate you in your job. Getting you back to work is the joint goal of both you and your employer.

If you are not able to carry out your own work, but you are able to carry out other work, both parties must accept that you will be offered “suitable work” by the employer. You may be reintegrated in the employer’s company itself or outside it.


If you are not able to carry out the work that has been negotiated as a result of your sickness, your employer is obliged to continue to pay you 77% of your salary during the first 104 weeks of sickness.

Termination and dismissal

Your employer may not terminate your employment or dismiss you via UVW procedure during this period (the first 104 weeks of sickness).

If you are still not able to resume your former job after 104 weeks of sickness, then your employer’s obligation to continue to pay your salary comes to an end. In that case, the employer can ask the UWV for permission to terminate your employment agreement.

Get help you can trust

GMW lawyers has a team of experts in employment law who can advise you about your rights, obligations, and the applicable processes to follow.

If you need help with issues regarding illness and burnout, please contact us for further information.

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