Highly skilled migrant scheme

A highly skilled migrant is a person who comes from outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland to work in the Netherlands because of their specialist knowledge, in order to contribute to the knowledge economy. If you wish to hire a highly skilled migrant as an employer, you must be a recognised sponsor.

A highly skilled migrant is exempt from the obligation to apply for a GVVA (combined permit for residence and work) or TWV (work permit). In the case of a highly skilled migrant, an income test looks at whether there is an interest in admitting the foreign national to the Netherlands. In addition, conditions are set for the position. The highly skilled migrant must be employed as a manager, specialist or trainee.

From 1 January 2021 the salary criteria are as follows:

  • Highly skilled migrant 30 or older: € 4,752 gross per month
  • Highly skilled migrant younger than 30 years: € 3,484 gross per month

When calculating the salary, the compensation and allowances count when they are included in the employment contract, and if and insofar as they are paid out to the highly skilled migrant every month. The holiday allowance, any benefits in kind and irregular pay are not included in the salary.

If you have a residence permit with the purpose of “searching for and performing work whether or not as an employee” or “Orientation year for highly educated persons” and you submit an application as a highly skilled migrant during the term of this permit or immediately thereafter, then you are eligible for the reduced salary criterion. As of 1 January 2021 this concerns an amount of EUR 2,497 gross per month. The same conditions apply as described above.

Please note! Submit the application in time. If you wait too long, the normal rules for highly skilled migrants will also apply to you.

For scientific researchers and for doctors in training, different conditions apply to the highly skilled migrant scheme.

Are you a highly skilled migrant or do you want to hire a highly skilled migrant? We will be happy to advise you.

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