Recognised sponsor

A sponsor is a person or organisation that has an interest in a foreign national’s stay in the Netherlands. The sponsor has certain duties of care with regard to the foreign national.

Not all sponsors are recognised sponsors. The employer (company) with whom the foreign national has entered into an employment contract can act as a recognised sponsor. To this end, the employer must first submit a request to the IND to be recognised as a recognised sponsor.

Note that a natural (private) person cannot be a recognised sponsor.

Purpose of stay

Recognition as sponsor always depends on the purpose of residence of the foreign national. There is the recognised sponsor for the purpose of residence of highly skilled migrants, for regular work (such as seasonal work), for education, and for research. The IND keeps a public register of the recognised sponsors.


In some cases, recognition is voluntary and provides you with some administrative benefits. For example, recognition is not compulsory for seasonal work or for the foreign national who is holder of a European Blue Card. This is also not mandatory if you want to use the ICT Directive.


In other cases, recognition is mandatory. If you want to bring a foreign national to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant or researcher, the employer is obliged to be a recognised sponsor.

Help for (prospective) employers

Are you (becoming) an employer and you want to be recognised as a sponsor? You will need to meet a large number of conditions for this. We can advise you on this or take care of this process for you – contact us to learn more.

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