Living will

In a living will you decide what should happen if you are no longer able to function as the result of sickness, accident or other reasons.

In a living will:

  • you appoint a confidential representative who can act as the authorised party on your behalf;
  • you draw up all your wishes;
  • you decide on the authorised party is responsible to, the so-called supervisor.

Tasks of the confidential representative

You can decide what subjects are included in the living will. Common examples are:

  • the arrangement of your daily finances and tax affairs;
  • donations which you want to (continue to) make and under what circumstances;
  • consent for any medical treatment to be carried out;
  • instructions for the sale of your house if you are no longer able to live independently;
  • the furniture you wish to take with you to a care home and what should happen to the rest of your possessions (how they are to be distributed, sold, etc.);
  • the administrator, guardian or mentor, should it be necessary for one to be appointed;
  • the removal or request for the removal of profiles on social networks.


It is important that your interests are looked after by someone whom you trust completely. The person you appoint as a confidential representative depends on your personal situation. People who are married or live together often appoint each other and/or (one of) their children. This is not required and you can decide for yourself. It’s also possible to appoint someone else you trust, such as a good friend.

Different confidential representatives

Think about whether it is sensible to appoint only one confidential representative. It’s also possible to divide the tasks amongst several people.

How we can help

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