Children & divorce

Parents have a responsibility to limit the negative consequences of their divorce for their children. GMW lawyers can help you with this.

The influence of a divorce on children

There is a connection between the way a divorce takes place and the influence it has on children. For parents it is important that arrangements about the children are made on the basis of mutual consultation. These arrangements can include where the children will live after the divorce, what the care and contact arrangements will be and how much child maintenance will be paid.

Once arrangements have been made between parents about children, they are recorded in a parental plan. A parental plan is very important. In principle, the parent who submits an application for divorce to the court is obliged to also present a parental plan. In some cases a parental plan must be modified. If this cannot be achieved between the parents, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

Legal proceedings

After a divorce, parents may have different opinions about matters related to their children. For example, one parent may want the child maintenance for the children to be modified because of a change in income or one parent may find that the arrangements for contact do not work very well. What happens if one of the parents wants to move with the children? It becomes complicated if the other parent does not agree to the move. International partners can run into specific problems with divorce, such as child abduction. These are all matters that our team of family lawyers can help you with.

Get advice you can trust

Our experts in divorce law can support and advise you on key issues that could impact your children. Contact us with your questions or case.

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