There’s very little to be found about buildings and construction in Dutch law, and so several sets of general conditions have been developed in construction practice. These include the UAV 2012, the UAV-gc 2005, the DNR 2011 and RVIO 2001. These general conditions apply to common legal relationships and types of contracts in the construction industry. GMW lawyers can draw up these contracts on your behalf or check them for pitfalls. The same applies for the general conditions.


Disagreement or a dispute with a business party can arise despite the fact that a contract and general conditions have been drawn up. In that case you can also turn to GMW lawyers for help. We can point out the mutual rights and obligations of the parties and we’re aware of the limitations of liability and the possible legal consequences of the actions of the other contractual party. In addition, we can reveal the rights and risks involved and support you with adopting a strong legal position.


If you encounter building defects or problems upon completion, or if your (sub)contractor fails to meet his agreements, or you are actually trying to preempt a building-related dispute at an early stage, feel free to contact GMW lawyers.

The parties involved in the construction

Many parties can be involved in the purchase of a new dwelling or in the conversion of your existing home. They often have a great deal of specialist knowledge. For example, if you are buying a new home, you will have to deal with an estate agent, a project developer or a contractor. If you are converting your own home, (sub)contractors, builders, engineers and possibly a building manager will play a role, depending on the size of the project.

Arbitration or court

Defects, building errors, breaches of contract and guarantees can lead to problems at every stage of the building process. GMW lawyers can give advice and mediate in order to find solutions together with the other parties. If discussions do not lead to any results, you can rely on our extensive experience of court proceedings. Arbitration is the most common course of action, usually with the Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards or the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry in the Netherlands. But our lawyers also often institute proceedings before courts and courts of law.

Contact us for further information and assistance.

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