Real estate transactions take place every day and are typically recorded in a purchase agreement. The content of this purchase agreement can be a source of misunderstandings. There may be discussions about defects in the plot and who is responsible for resolving them. In addition, there can be disagreements about easements, guarantees, discrepancies in area, etc. Problems related to real estate transactions are very common and are often quite complex.

Disputes about agreements

Agreements which have been drawn up in purchase agreements and deeds of transfer are often the subject of disputes because parties may interpret the contractual provisions differently. In some cases the court has to be involved in order to analyse the agreements and decide what the parties can expect from each other when they conclude a purchase agreement. It is important to chose the correct legal direction immediately in these sorts of cases because if the case is approached incorrectly this can have significant consequences. Therefore it is important to ask for legal advice early in the process.

Further information

If you have questions related to purchase agreements, we invite you to contact our Property & Tenancy department.

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