Rental agreement

A rental agreement is described in law. Like other agreements, it is set when it is offered and accepted. Typically this is indicated by certain actions, such as the signing of a rental agreement.

However, they may also be apparent from other acts or from the behaviour of the tenant and the landlord. The question whether an agreement has been reached between the parties depends on what the respective parties can assume from each other’s declarations and behaviour.

Essential elements

The consensus must include the two essential elements of the rental agreement:

  1. giving the use of (part of) premises;
  2. against a certain consideration.

In general, the rental period is also set in the rental agreement.

Rental regimes

There are several types of rental regimes. This means that there are different legal provisions for renting residential premises than those for leasing shops or offices. In legal conflicts it is vital to determine which rental regime applies. In fact, every regime has different articles for the protection of the parties concerned.

Information & assistance

For assistance and advice with rental agreements, we invite you to contact our Property & Tenancy law department. Our team of legal experts can help you to work it out.

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