Caroline la Lau

Caroline works within the company and insolvency law department. She offers a great deal of experience in the field of corporate and commercial litigation. Caroline specialises in litigation and advice about complex corporate law issues, as well as contract law issues and (directors’) liability. Caroline regularly deals with matters concerning commercial disputes, commercial contracts, corporate law, shareholder disputes, joint venture agreements, damages claims and (professional) liability.

Caroline is a passionate lawyer who works in a solution-orientated way. She is able to unravel complicated facts in order to implement the most suitable strategy for her clients and determine realistic aims. Caroline knows how to stay the course in challenging situations, and achieves results by focusing on both the legal questions as well as on practical solutions.

A fully-fledged communication partner for her clients, Caroline is known for her transparent attitude and personal approach. A hands-on legal advisor, Caroline is capable of swift action and a deep understanding of core issues. Her assessment of the chances for success in possible proceedings is in general spot on. This allows her to offer concrete advice on the best strategy to be pursued and to manage expectations about the outcome of a case. Caroline is customer-orientated and is committed to achieving the maximum result for her clients.

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