Laura Zuydgeest

Laura Zuydgeest mainly specialises in employment and property law. She graduated cum laude from the Groningen University for both her master Dutch Civil Law and Criminal Law.

In the field of employment law Laura advises and litigates on behalf of both employers and employees. Topics that she often encounters in her daily practice include the termination of employment, disability (e.g. due to burnout / stress symptoms), discrimination in the workplace, employers’ liability and the drafting, modifying of and compliance with the terms of employment. Laura provides her clients with insight to better understand their legal position so that the best strategy can be chosen together. To that end she has a personal and result oriented approach on the basic assumption that any dispute should be settled as efficiently as possible. Laura is also successful with assisting her clients in court proceedings. She is analytical, resolute and a worthy opponent therefore protecting the interests of her client in the best possible way. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Laura annually is a judge in the prestigious Telders Moot Court Competition. Moreover, she writes a monthly labour law contribution for the national magazine “Rendement” (HR Magazine).

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