Marcella Verwoerd

Marcella Verwoerd

Marcella Verwoerd is a specialist in the area of family law, whereby she particularly deals with international divorces and separations. She assists her clients in a variety of matters concerning arrangements for children and the financial settlement of a marriage or civil union. She is specialised in advising and litigating on the settlement of prenuptial agreements, the division of the (limited) community of property and maintenance.

Marcella’s working method is characterised by her committed and personal approach, in which the client’s emotions are properly sensed. At the same time, customised legal advice is provided in an effective manner.

In addition to her work at GMW Lawyers, Marcella is also active in the social sphere. Within JCI Alphen aan den Rijn she organises various events for different groups in society. She has also been active in various committees of the Association of the Young Bar at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

Netherlands Bar – register of legal practice areas

Marcella Verwoerd has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

  • Family law

This registration obliges her to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Curriculum Vitae


Family law

Law, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Work experience
Lawyer at GMW Lawyers
Lawyer with In ‘t Veen Advocaten
Lawyer with Lam & Müller Advocaten and Mediators
Court clerk at the Court of Appeal in The Hague

Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers Divorce Mediators


  • “New opportunities for biological fathers to have access to their child”, M.D. Verwoerd, Tijdschrift voor Familie- en Jeugdrecht (FJR), issue 2015/2.

Dutch, English, German

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