Yes, this is possible, but only in certain cases. Section 7:271 Paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code sets out that intermediate termination is permitted for the lessee (NOT the lessor) in the event of a lease contract for independent residential space for a maximum of two years. In the event of renting a room, this can be permitted for a lease contract for a maximum of five years. Derogation to the lessee’s detriment is not permitted. This is not always favourable for lessors, which is why some lessors use a contract based on an indefinite period, subject to a minimum term (for example one or two years). The model contract 2017, prepared by the ROZ (the Property Council), provides this option. No jurisprudence is available on this issue. For the time being, a contract with an indefinite period of time and a minimum term seems a good solution for lessors to prevent intermediate cancellation.