A legal dispute in the construction industry is often complex due to a great number of professional parties that are involved, the high degree of specialization and the many forms of contracts. Do you want to know where you stand and what your rights are in the construction process? GMW Advocaten knows construction law like no other. 

Duties and responsibilities in the construction process

As a client, contractor, investor, developer, architect or engineer, you have to deal with multifaceted projects. Often confusion or disagreement arises as to the roles and responsibilities of each party involved with the construction process. Whether designing, implementing or monitoring the construction process, GMW Advocaten can assist you in every phase with advice as to your (legal) position and/or helping you to bring a dispute to an end.

Our advisory role

We have experience with various systems of construction so that we can advise both clients and (sub- and secondary) contractors as to the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional construction model, whether or not working as a team, and all forms of the integrated building system. We are alert as to the limitations of liability and the possible consequences of the actions of your contractual partner. Is a public authority obstructing your plans or is it impossible to reach an agreement with an architect, engineer or sub- or secondary contractor? Together with you, we determine the right approach and investigate what practical solutions are feasible.


Even with a well-constructed contract, applicable general terms and conditions and efforts to reach an agreement, court proceedings sometimes cannot be avoided. We have extensive experience in construction litigation, both through arbitration and before the civil courts . We identify the chances and risks of litigation and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the different judicial systems. With our knowledge of court rules and litigation techniques we can assist you in taking a firm position and strive to achieve the best possible result in the proceedings.