GMW lawyers represents governments, for example as the appointed lawyer of some municipalities, but also for the non-profit sector, including schools, housing associations and health care facilities. 

Social entrepreneurship and involvement in civil society are a common denominator in the non-profit sector. Financing is often associated with public funds or subsidy relationships. The management and control of the organizations and institutions involved is evolving around control and accountability, while the concept of profit has been revised, especially by the introduction of market forces.

The non-profit sector is increasingly being challenged due to government interference and European legislation. The main legal themes: the legal form of non-profit organizations (associations and foundations), the specific rules that apply, the relationship towards the government and the European Union, amongst others in connection with regulators and the (im)possibilities of the use of public funds.

The special position of the sector can affect ordinary transactions in legal matters and resulting disputes. From that perspective we can advise and litigate in a wide range of legal issues: from labour relations to liabilities, from real estate and lease issues to regulators and government interventions.

GMW lawyers is active in the following sectors:
• Health care
• Housing associations
• Education
• NGO’s
• Cultural and civic institutions