ICT law spans all fields of law faced by technology companies. Unfortunately the ICT practice is characterized by a relatively large number of failed ICT projects. This is often caused by unrealistic expectations of both the supplier and the client. Clear agreements, written in legible contracts, can prevent a great deal of harm.

Depending on your position (supplier or customer, licensee or user), it is important to define the rights and obligations broader or even narrower. We can assist you with concluding specific ICT contracts. You can contact us for advice and guidance on negotiating for example the development of software or a website, developing a SLA (Service Level Agreement) or distribution and outsourcing.

ICT contracts come in many shapes and sizes. The best known are software licences, ASP / SaaS contracts and escrow agreements. Standard terms and conditions drafted by trade associations such as The Netherlands ICT Policy are often used in ICT contracts. When such standard conditions are used it is almost always necessary to modify or broaden the conditions to suit the specific task.

Further information
GMW advocaten will gladly assist you with drafting, amending or scanning your ICT contracts. Do you have questions about ICT contracts or would you like to discuss a case? Please contact the Company and Insolvency section.