Citizens, businesses and government

The government is ever-present in daily life. Mostly unnoticed, but this is different when the duties and powers of the government directly affect individuals and businesses, and laws, rules and bureaucrats raise thresholds. GMW advocaten shows you the way.
Companies and individuals can disagree with the government. Usually it is about the immediate surroundings: planning in the vicinity of the home or business. It can also be about subsidies, licences or enforcement of specific regulatory issues. Many procedures in public law are strict and well-definedand it is therefore advised to counter problems with the government in a timely fashion.

Government and regulation

Public law is anchored in the General Administrative Law Act (AWB) and a multitude of special laws. Two concepts are of great importance: the decision of an administrative body and the interested party. It is quite possible to wholeheartedly disagree with a government decision. In that case, according to strict rules and a fixed deadline, an endeavor can be made to try to get the decision modified or reversed. That is only possible if interests exist that are directly involved with the government decision. The concept of stakeholder is not only decisive for the question who may file a petition or lodge an appeal against a decision of an administrative body, but also the question of who can play a role in the preparation of an act.

Our role

GMW advocaten has extensive experience providing legal services with the government practice. This allows us to optimally focus on assisting clients in virtually all areas in which (semi-) government is present as a contract partner,  as a regulator or as a party in proceedings. Based on their knowledge and experience the lawyers of the Public Law section provide practically applicable legal advice, where ever possible pro-active or future oriented. Naturally we also provide information, guidance or support. The objective is to avoid lengthy procedures. If proceedings cannot be avoided, we apply our extensive litigation experience.

Further information

If you have questions about public law for individuals or if you want to discuss a case, please contact the Property & Government section.