The government plays an important part in everyday life. Usually this goes unnoticed, but things become different when the tasks and powers of the government directly affect private individuals and businesses. Laws, rules and bureaucracy can prove difficult. GMW lawyers can show you the way. 

Citizens, businesses and the government

Businesses and private individuals may find themselves in dispute with the government. Most often, this concerns the immediate environment such as town and country planning regulations for a home or business. But it can also concern subsidies, permits, enforcement or specific issues of supervision. Many procedures in government law are strict and precisely defined. Therefore you should tackle any problems with the government quickly.

Government law

Government law can be found in the General Administrative Law Act (AWB) and in many different special acts. Two concepts are particularly important: the decision of an administrative organisation and the interested party. It is possible to be in complete disagreement with a government decision. In that case it is possible to try and have the decision amended or overturned in accordance with precise rules and within a fixed period. This is only possible if there are interests which are directly affected by the government decision. Therefore the concept of the interested party is not only decisive with regard to the question of who can object or who can institute an appeal against the decision of  government organisation, but also for the question of who can play a role in the preparation of a decision.

GMW lawyers has extensive experience of legal services in government practice. This means that we are able to focus on assisting clients in virtually every field in which the government plays a role, a contractual partner or a supervisor, or as a party in the proceedings. We work as permanent lawyers for a number of councils, but also act for entrepreneurs, private individuals and non-profits. We can provide proactive, practical legal advice. Our services also include providing information, advice and support. This is the starting point is to prevent lengthy proceedings. If proceedings cannot be prevented, we rely on our thorough experience to assist you with them.