Real estate

GMW Advocaten has years of experience handling real estate- and rental cases. Our lawyers are active on all fronts. In matters of commercial rental, planning, public-private partnership, environmental law, construction, or purchase and sale of property. We also assist our clients in all stages of development such as for example with residential or office complexes, (re) development of retail centers, industrial sites or urban areas. 


GMW Advocaten counts owners and investors, developers, governments, housing associations and individuals as clients. Of course thorough legal assistance is rendered but we also have a practical and critical look at cases presented to us. What is wise from a business point of view? What works best tactically?
We see that clients appreciate the way we work and that a personal relationship develops. You are not just a number. The lawyer to whom you present your case, deals with the case. You will not be “shifted” from one to another lawyer. You have your own lawyer.


With the complex relationships between partners involved with large real estate projects something can easily go wrong. GMW Advocaten knows the real estate market and provides you with sound legal advice. In the relationship between construction supply chain partners, financiers, professional real estate investors, managers and governments it is very important to choose the appropriate form of cooperation. It should also be clearly written down what everyone’s responsibilities are. GMW Advocaten can draw up the contracts for you or check them for pitfalls but even with a well-constructed contract disputes can arise. The boundary between the responsibility of the client and that of the contractor is sometimes thin. We assess your rights and risks and assist you in taking a strong position.

We know the commercial real estate sector, the housing associations and the government. We are also fully familiar in areas such as public-private partnerships (PPP) and all forms of ‘design and build’ contracts. Moreover, we have a detailed knowledge of regulations regarding permits, expropriation and environmental issues. Do you want to make a good start with a project or do you want to put an end to a dispute? GMW Advocaten offers practical solutions and informs you of the corresponding risks. We can advise you as to the correct approach and provide guidance if necessary.