In the event of divorce, GMW lawyers can provide expert legal advice with well-known divorce lawyers who have a wealth  of experience in national and international practice. 

The practice of GMW lawyers focuses on ensuring that the consequences of the divorce are arranged as well as possible for you and aims at providing a lasting solution. Issues may arise such as reaching a settlement about children, alimony for a partner and/or children, the division and settlement of assets, the divorce of the entrepreneur/director and principal shareholder, the division of pensions or home(s), wherever you live. If necessary, external experts can be brought in, such as a fiscal expert, a psychologist, an estate agent, a notary or lawyer abroad.

GMW lawyers can assist you in a divorce, either by providing advice in discussions and in proceedings or in the role of a mediator. One of the special aspects is that in a divorce, one lawyer can act for both parties if the two parties agree. A special and usually effective approach can be to proceed on the basis of a collaborative divorce or with mediation.

The court

In every case a divorce must be processed by the court, even if you have made agreements with the other party. Only lawyers can submit an application for divorce to the court. People other than lawyers, such as divorce mediators, for example, cannot do this.

How does a divorce take place?

The first step (if possible during the run up to a divorce that is going to take place) is to contact one of the specialists at GMW to discuss your case. It is likely possible to take measures in advance. If possible, we can make an attempt is made to arrange the divorce with the (lawyer of the) other party. The aim is to arrive at a divorce agreement and a parenting plan which includes all the arrangements. In that case the court only has to be involved to pronounce the divorce. This usually happens fairly quickly.

If discussion is not possible, the proceedings must be conducted on the basis of the content. Some of the common points of dispute in a divorce include issues such as alimony, capital and children. Your lawyer will draw up the documents for the proceedings to ensure that the best possible result is achieved for you in proceedings before the court.

Divorce of an entrepreneur

GMW lawyers has extensive knowledge and experience of supporting entrepreneurs and directors and principal shareholders (or their spouses) in divorce with the specific issues of alimony, capital and pensions (self- management) and with ensuring the continuity of a company. All in all these are financial subjects which require a special approach in combination with the legal framework and the fiscal situation. The supervision of a specialised lawyer at GMW lawyers who also has a strong financial knowledge, can help you in this.

Collaborative divorce

This special type of divorce which comes from the United States is based on trying to arrange the divorce with the help of lawyers who are specialised in this and to avoid a conflict situation. GMW offers this new, different type of divorce.

Pensions and divorce

A separate part of the divorce is the arrangement of pension claims. GMW lawyers can take this off your hands as well

Division and settlement

In the context of a divorce, the assets have to be divided and settled, depending on the question of whether or not there are any marriage conditions.

International divorce

A lawyer who is specialised in international family law is essential for the divorce of internationals (or their spouses) or Dutch people who live abroad. GMW has expert lawyers with a great deal of experience of international divorce. Our divorce clients come from all over the world. For Dutch people who live abroad, only the court in The Hague is able to deal with their divorce.

More information? Get the white paper

Marjet Groenleer of GMW lawyers has recently released a white paper for expats living in the Netherlands. In it, she answers the most frequently asked questions and provides tips to make your (international) divorce easier.

Download the free white paper: Top 10 FAQ about Divorce – for expats living in the Netherlands


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