Termination of cohabitation

It is not only a divorce that can lead to legal and administrative difficulties. These can also arise if you’re cohabitating and your relationship ends.  

Cohabitation contract

Ending a relationship where you live together can have all sorts of consequences. Do you have a cohabitation contract? Do you have children who are still minors? These are some of the questions you have to think about. Our specialized lawyers can provide expert advice when drawing up a parental plan, as well as helping with agreements related to child alimony, the division of your possessions or your shared home.

GMWhas a great deal of experience in supervising partners who must go their separate ways. One cannot always rely on the law. We will listen to your story and try to make sure that the relationship with your ex-partner can continue in the most positive way possible. This is also in the interests of the children. While you are splitting up as partners, but not as parents.

At GMW we can support you when you stop cohabiting, both as a lawyer and as a mediator. As mediators, it is possible for us to act on behalf of both parties. GMW also has a great deal of expertise in assisting entrepreneurs.


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