Financing and securities

In order to grow with your company, you’ll need financing. You can attract financing for your company in many different ways and every type of financing has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to know what the costs and risks are involved in different types of financing. Which construction is best for the continuity of your company? 

If you’re an investor and you’d like to invest money in, for example, a start-up, you’ll want to have an estimate of the expected returns, an idea of the risk and how you can limit this risks by asking for securities.

GMW lawyers helps entrepreneurs, shareholders and financiers to make the right choices about the best type of financing. We analyse and evaluate the financing contracts presented to you, or draw up tailor-made contracts and advise you about the advantages and risks of different types of financing and securities.

If things turn out differently from what you had expected, GMW lawyers can assist you to claim back your loan or investment and with levying execution against your securities. Conversely, if you think that your financier has made an unjust claim against you, suddenly terminates credit or unjustifiably levies execution against your pledge, we can act for you.


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