Pension law

GMW lawyers knows that pensions matters can be complicated financially and in an immaterial sense, for employers and employees and their (ex-)partners, retirees, as well as for pension funds and insurers.
All of the parties involved in pensions are confronted with changes related to:

  • older age for OAP;
  • maximum fiscal pension accrual;
  • supervision and management;
  • participation;
  • compulsory pensions;
  • equal treatment;
  • indexation;
  • values transfer;
  • position of director/major shareholder (DGA)

These changes can lead to uncertainty which can result in conflict and legal issues. Pension issues are also complex because there are always three parties involved in pensions in the so-called pension triangle



(translation of diagram)


Pension provider

(left side)        Execution agreement


(right side)      Pension scheme / introductory letter


Pension agreement


Employer                                                                             Employee



There are rights and obligations for the pension provider (fund, insurer, PPI), employer and employee in all these relationships. Outside this pension triangle, the parties may interact with the works council, the trade union, supervisors, retirees and the (ex-)partner of the employee. All of these parties can approach GMW lawyers with their questions about pensions. We can deal with your pension questions, in the areas of employment, family, pension and company law.





Koen Vermeulen