Real Estate law

In general, both the purchase and sale of real estate are significant. Legal assistance may be desirable both before and after the sale reasons. GMW acts on behalf of real estate investors, housing corporations, project developers, local authorities and private individuals. 

The purchase agreement

Real estate transactions take place on a daily basis and are usually recorded in a purchase agreement. The content of this purchase agreement is often the source of numerous misunderstandings. Discussions may arise about defects in the property and who is responsible for remedying them. In addition, there are often disagreements about guarantees, sizes, etc.

Purchase agreements and deeds of transfer are often the subject of a dispute. The parties may interpret contractual provisions differently. Sometimes the court has to be involved in order to asses the agreements that have been made and to judge what the parties can expect from each other when they conclude the purchase agreement. In the situations outlined above, it is important to opt for the correct legal path from the outset, because if the case starts incorrectly it can have enormous consequences for any subsequent legal proceedings and their results. Therefore it is important to ask for legal advice promptly.


What should be done if something like concrete cancer, asbestos or a silverfish infestation is found in the house that you have bought? Or if the oil tank in the garden starts to leak? Who is responsible for the damage caused by this? Together with you, we will see whether it is appropriate to make a claim to the seller, the seller’s estate agent and/or your own estate agent. Again it is crucial that a correct legal analysis is made and that the correct claims are put forward. GMW can outline the best course for you to take.

Proceedings in the case of disputes

Sometimes it is necessary to act quickly in order to secure your rights. For example, it may be necessary to make a third party attachment in order to prevent the real estate that you have purchased from being transferred to someone else. Preliminary relief proceedings must be instituted to ensure that the purchase agreement is adhered to. Or in some cases an attachment must be removed if it has been unjustifiably imposed. Our team of our lawyers is ready to intervene immediately when this is necessary,



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