Corporate & Insolvency

GMW lawyers can help you create a strong legal basis in your company. You want good, watertight contracts and to do business within national and European legislation and regulations. You want to know what director’s liability entails and what to do in cases of commercial or corporate legal disputes. You need advice in cases of mergers, joint ventures, takeovers or corporate restructuring. GMW lawyers would be pleased to help you in these. We can also help in cases of financial problems or disputes between shareholders, directors or creditors. Our experience as trustee in large bankruptcies is very useful in this.


Mechteld van Veen-Oudenaarden
Christiaan Mensink
Martijn Dellebeke
Caroline la Lau
Martijn Leenen
Stephanie Mosterd-de Wit


Directors liability in a private limited company

Directors liability in a private limited company

I am a director of a Dutch private limited liability…

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