Employment & Pension

Our Employment & Pensions department supports both employers and employees. We advise and institute proceedings for entrepreneurs, managers, boards of directors and government authorities. Our clients come from virtually every sector of industry and vary from multinationals to small and medium-sized businesses, and from not-for-profit institutions to international organizations inside and outside the Netherlands. On the employee’s side we often act on behalf of (statuory) directors, higher management, expats, people working in the liberal professions and civil servants.

We provide support by drawing up employment agreements, pension schemes, handbooks and personnel policies.

GMW advocaten has a great deal of experience advising about collective and individual dismissals, takeovers and reorganizations, as well as cases dealing with employer liability, sickness, (changing) employment conditions, competition clauses, participation, collective employment agreements, outsourcing, privacy and discrimination.

Employment law has changed significantly since the Work and Security Act (WwZ). The changes in the areas of temporary contracts, compensation for dismissal and transfers, unemployment benefits and inability to work due to sickness have far-reaching consequences. There are also many issues around developments in the field of pensions which mean that schemes have to be amended, people have to work longer, and pensions are becoming a more expensive employment condition.



Laura Zuydgeest
Godelijn Boonman
Koen Vermeulen
Daniëlle van den Heuvel
Renée Sauer
Leon Koning


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