Tenancy law

It is not very difficult to sign a rental contract, but are you sure you know what you’re signing? Are the provisions in the rental contract correct and not one-sided? What do you do if there’s a conflict? GMW lawyers can advise you. 


Are you thinking about renting a home? Generally, you will receive a draft rental agreement from the landlord containing, amongst other things, the address, the rental price and the duration of the contract (for a specific or indeterminate period). How do you know if the provisions are correct and have been formulated properly? Very often there are one-sided provisions in a rental contract which are advantageous to the landlord. It’s important that you know what you’re signing.


Many things can go wrong during the rental period. For example, the landlord may refuse to repair a leak. Can you, as the tenant, hold the landlord accountable? Can you stop paying the rent or carry out the repairs yourself and deduct the cost from the rent?


If you want to rent a home, discuss the contents of the rental contract beforehand with a specialist at our office. Is it sensible to rent the home temporarily or for an indeterminate period? Have you included a prohibition against growing cannabis? Has the tenant chosen domicile in the rented premises? If you have forgotten to include these sorts of provisions, it might work against you in subsequent legal proceedings. We will be happy to advise you.


Sometimes, tenants do not to pay their rent or repeatedly pay it too late. There are tenants who cause a nuisance, grow cannabis in their home or sublet. GMW lawyers has many years of expertise in dealing with tenants. Legal proceedings can be instituted to demand payment, to dissolve the rental agreement or to clear the premises.



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