14 August 2022

Everything you need to know about Divorce Day

By Antoine de Werd

Friday, September 9 is Divorce Day 2022, a day on which you can obtain free information about divorce from specialised lawyers.

In this blog you can read everything you need to know about Divorce Day.


1. Why is there a Divorce Day?

The first divorce was pronounced in the Netherlands on 15 September 1796. Since 2010, Divorce Day has been organised on the second Friday of September each year. This year this day will take place on Friday, September 10.

Divorce Day is an initiative of the professional association of family lawyers / divorce mediators (vFAS). All vFAS offices open their doors on this day to provide free advice on divorce. The ultimate goal is to improve the process of divorce so that (former) partners separate carefully and respectfully.

2. Who is Divorce Day for?

Divorce Day is for anyone who wants to know more about divorce in the Netherlands.

Come to us for assistance if:

  • You want a divorce and want to obtain information about this;
  • You have not yet made the final decision and only want to explore your options;
  • You want a second opinion;
  • You are already divorced and want to check agreements made at that time;
  • You want information about breaking your relationship (if you are not married).

3. Which subjects are included?

A divorce involves a lot. What is the first step? How can you properly prepare a divorce? If there are children, what needs to be arranged for them?

We can advise you on the following subjects, among others:

  • Child and partner alimony
  • Marriage conditions
  • Distribution of marital community
  • Cohabitation contracts
  • Care scheme for the children
  • Implementation of parenting plan
  • Divorce and your own company
  • Settlement joint home
  • Consequences for retirement
  • Tax consequences of a divorce
  • International divorce
  • Mediation

4. What is the added value of a lawyer in the event of a divorce?

A lawyer can help you arrange your divorce as well and as carefully as possible. This is important, whether to protect your children or maintain a relationship for the future, and often also for financial reasons. When you end your divorce in a respectful way, you can more easily resume your life afterwards.

An additional reason is that according to the law, only lawyers can apply for a divorce at the court.

5. How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with us for Divorce Day by completing our easy online form. You can also call us directly on 070 361 50 48. The advice you receive during a meeting with a lawyer on Divorce Day does not cost you anything.

6. I live abroad, can I also make an appointment?

Yes, you can also come to us for a divorce with international aspects. We have specialists with a great deal of experience in the field of international divorces.

If you live abroad, you can make a call or skype appointment with us by booking online or by calling +31 (0)70 361 50 48.

Join us on Divorce Day 2021

Our lawyers are happy to help you on Divorce Day. I cordially invite you for a free consultation of 30 minutes. We will be happy to answer all your divorce questions.

Antoine de Werd

Antoine de Werd

Lawyer and mediator / partner

Antoine de Werd, one of the co-founders of GMW lawyers, specialises in divorce law.

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