The heart of GMW lawyers

GMW considers it important to do its bit when it comes to social commitment and sustainability. Since 2020, a special committee has been set up for this purpose. In varying composition, they meet every other month on various topics, partly based on input from office colleagues.

It is about engagement in the broadest sense of the word. For instance, two vegetarian days a week have been instituted, an insect hive has been installed and anonymous job applications are now being submitted. GMW is also involved in an active sense. It co-initiates the ‘Lawyer at School’ project and our office mates do volunteer work. Financial contributions are also made annually to (small-scale) charities nominated by office colleagues, most recently, for example, Stichting Abhilasa Global Serve and the Alzheimer Café Scheveningen. Furthermore, law students regularly participate in lectures or advocacy exercises at our office.