Mergers & takeovers

A successful merger or takeover requires careful preparation. If you want to expand your business, GMW lawyers will be pleased to offer you insights into the legal, fiscal and financial aspects of a takeover.

As an entrepreneur you can expand your business in different ways. Independent growth is the most obvious way to expand, but you can also achieve growth with a merger or by wholly or partly taking over another business.

Careful analysis

For a successful merger or takeover, careful preparation is essential. It is only when you have examined all these aspects that you can take the next step. Whether you opt for a transaction involving assets/liabilities, a complete takeover, a phased takeover, a merger or a participation, every option has its pros and cons.

Financing a takeover

The way in which the merger/takeover is financed is also relevant.  The financing may concern a management buy-out (MBO), an asset-based loan (ABL), or an investment company (private equity) may be participating. Every type of financing has its own specific legal consequences. In these cases, GMW lawyers can advise both the buyers and the sellers.

The process involved in mergers and takeovers

The decision whether to go ahead with a merger or takeover is a complex matter and it’s a good idea to seek advice. We have extensive experience of every aspect of this process, from the agreement of intent (LOI/MOU) to negotiations and contracts, to concluding the deal and the aftercare. In the case of a takeover and the related due diligence, we are regularly involved with experts in other disciplines. For this reason we work closely together with different departments in our office such as real estate and employment law. We can also consult the accountants, fiscal experts and notaries involved.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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