Leasing business space

The legal provisions of regulatory law apply to the renting and leasing of shops and office premises. This means that the content of the lease agreement is very important. Many potential problems can be avoided contractually. GMW lawyers can help you with this.

When drafting a lease agreement it is important to examine at an early stage whether you are renting a shop or office premises. In fact, different legal provisions apply to the two different types of business premises. For example, the legal regime governs lease periods, grounds for termination, changes in the lease price and substitution.

Change in the lease price

The lessor and the lessee may request a change in the lease price when shops are leased. The corresponding legal procedure involves all sorts of bureaucracy and therefore it is advisable to ask for legal advice.


The lessees of shops can substitute another person as a lessee if they want to transfer their business. In this case, several conditions must be met. How can you insist on a substitution? And how can you defend yourself as a lessor against this change in the lessee? Our lawyers can help you find your way, and support you both during the preliminary process and during any legal proceedings.

Breach of contract

Unfortunately many lessors are confronted with a breach of contract on the part of their contractual party: For example, lessees who fail to pay or pay too late, cause a nuisance, grow cannabis or sublet. GMW lawyers has many years of experience in tackling these sorts of problems. In legal proceedings, we can demand, amongst other things, back ending repayment of rent, dissolution of a lease and eviction of tenants.

Further information

If you have any questions  about leasing of business premises or you would like to submit a case directly, we invite you to contact our experts in tenancy law.

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