Protected rents

Protected rents protect lessees from the termination of the lease by the lessor. 

Ending the lease contract

In this case the lease does not end automatically unless the lessor has terminated it legally. The lease agreement does not come to an end either if the agreed lease period has expired or the plot of which the leased premises forms part is sold. The lessor must have a valid reason to terminate the lease agreement.

Renting a property

If your lessor terminates the lease agreement and you do not agree with this, the lease contract continues to run. In that case the lessor will have to go to court. The district court should then decide whether the lease agreement must be terminated and the leased premises must be vacated. The district court will terminate the lease agreement only if the reason given by the lessor is legally valid.

The grounds for termination are laid down by law and are as follows:

  1. The lessee has not behaved as a good lessee, i.e., has not observed his obligations. Examples could include the failure to pay, cultivation of cannabis, subletting or causing a nuisance.
  2. The lease contract was concluded for a temporary period. Further conditions apply to these grounds for termination.
  3. The lessor urgently needs the leased premises for their own use. An example could be the need for the premises to be demolished or refurbished.
  4. The lessee refuses to accept a reasonable offer regarding a change in the lease agreement. However, the proposed change may not concern the lease price or the advance payment of the service costs.
  5. The lessor wants to use the home for a purpose which corresponds to the zoning plan.

If the lessor terminates the lease, they must observe the periods of notice contained in the law.

More information

If you have a question, or would like more information about protected rents, please contact our property and tenancy team for assistance.

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