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Anyone who has developed a creative idea does not want others to be able to use it or, even worse, to imitate or abuse it. A brand, book, software program, photo, drawing, piece of music are examples of your own creations, and it is your choice if and how you sell these. After all, the creator has the exclusive right to reproduce, use and/or monetise his creation.

Intellectual property is legally protected in the form of copyrights, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets (know-how) or patents. With these intellectual property rights, creators can protect their creations and prohibit others from using or selling those creations, or ones which are similar.

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GMW lawyers advises creators on how they can protect their creations, for example, by registering the brands or inventions, or concluding a license agreement with third parties. In addition, we act for creators against unauthorised use of their creations (infringements). This may require the filing of a claim to cease unauthorised use and/or to remove the infringing products from the market or the Internet. This may or may not be accompanied by a claim for compensation or a fine. We also assist parties who are confronted with a claim for infringement of intellectual property rights.

GMW lawyers advises and litigates on the following subjects, among others:

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GMW lawyers will be happy to help you with all your intellectual property issues. If you have any questions, please contact us directly using the enquiry form below or +31 (0)70 3615048. Our experts will be glad to support and advise you.

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Christiaan Mensink

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