Public service law

GMW advocaten is familiar with government sectors such as the specific political, administrative context in which you operate as an employer for the government. It is also familiar with the special position of a government employer or civil servant.

Questions about issues related to the legal position

This involves the many common issues related to your legal position which you may encounter.

For the government employer:

  • How can I draw up a good file about an employee who is not working satisfactorily?
  • What grounds for dismissal can I apply and how can I give reasons for the dismissal so that any proceedings objecting or appealing against it will be upheld?
  • How do I deal with violations of integrity?
  • What can a civil servant say and write on social media, and what can he not say and write?
  • How do I correctly apply the rules about reorganization, surplus capacity and from work to work (VWNW) correctly?
  • What agreements do I draw up in a termination/settlement agreement, for example, with regard to (supralegal) payment rights?

For the civil servant:

  • Are the grounds for a dismissal that have been given correct? And have they been correctly supported?
  • What can you write or not write on social media?
  • Are the agreements that have been concluded properly drawn up in the termination/settlement agreement?
  • Have the rules related to reorganization been applied correctly?

These issues not only play a role for the “ordinary” civil servant, but also for top civil servants. Furthermore they must comply with the strict rules of Senior Executives in the Public and Semi-public Sector Standards for Remuneration Act (WNT). GMW advocaten advises, and if necessary, conducts proceedings about the correct application of the salary rules and the rules about reimbursements for dismissal on the basis of the WNT.

Standardization of public service law

GMW advocaten will closely follow the plans for standardizing the legal position of large groups of civil servants for you. We can tell you everything which the standardization will mean for you on the basis of publications, news reports and in-house training and courses.

GMW lawyers will be happy to help you with all your employment-related legal issues. If you have any questions, please contact us directly using the enquiry form below or +31 (0)70 3615048. Our pension and employment lawyers will be happy to support and advise you.

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