Zoning plans

The zoning plan plays a major role in the administrative aspects of the purchase or construction of real estate. A municipality makes a zoning plan for all land that belongs to the municipality. For example, GMW lawyers, located at Scheveningseweg in The Hague, falls under the Statenkwartier zoning plan.

Impact for home buyers

The zoning plan can also have a major impact on the properties of a purchased home. For example, a summer house located in the countryside can be transferred as a house, whereby it has been contractually agreed that the building is intended for “living space”. If it turns out afterwards that the summer house can only be used as a “holiday home” on the basis of the zoning plan, legal jousting often occurs between parties. Did the buyer have a duty to investigate? Did the seller know that the home could only be used as living space for a certain period of the year? And what role did the broker play in the whole?

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