What to know before renting out your house

If you own a home in the Netherlands and plan to rent it out, there are certain things you should be aware of. Is it better to rent out temporarily or indefinitely? For example, is there is a prohibition to grow hemp? Has the tenant chosen domicile at the address of the rented property? If you forget to include such provisions this might have adverse effects for you in later proceedings.

Key considerations

These are just a few of the key considerations for landlords:

  • Contract length – fixed or indefinite?
  • Maintenance – your obligations and the tenant’s responsibilities
  • Changes to the house by tenants
  • The right to inspect a property
  • Termination of the rental agreement
  • Inspection of the property

You can learn more about these topics in the full  article on the Legal Expat Desk.

The above list is not exhaustive. In addition, you may wish to consider key topics such as:


It is very common that tenants do not pay the rent that is owed or always pay too late (the “dodgers”). There are tenants who cause disturbances, cultivate hemp in their home or sublet the property. GMW lawyers has years of expertise in dealing with such tenants. Legal proceedings can be initiated in which payment, termination of the tenancy agreement and eviction from the rented property can be claimed.

Further information

Do you have questions about renting or would you like to discuss a case? Please contact us.

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