Property lawyers for expats in the Netherlands

Real estate issues are often urgent and complex, involving large sums of money.

When your property is in a foreign country, understanding your rights, obligations and what is considered normal or reasonable is even more challenging. In the event of a dispute, negotiating a compromise between the parties is not always possible – which means good legal support is essential.

At GMW lawyers we have a team of property lawyers who can assist you with all aspects of property and tenancy law in English. We have been helping people find legal solutions to their housing problems for over 30 years. Whether you are a home buyer, a landlord, a property developer or investor, if you need legal advice, guidance or representation, our team of experts can help you work it out.

For home owners

From buying your first home to selling or becoming a landlord, we can assist you with all legal issues affecting your real estate, including:

For landlords

Avoid problems from the start – ensure that your rental agreements adequately protect your rights and are based on the latest Dutch tenancy law:

For developers & investors

Protect your investment – we offer specialised support for property investors, property managers, project developers, and construction companies:

Looking for property lawyers for expats in the Netherlands?

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Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paasen

Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paassen

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Raymond de Mooij

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Stephanie de Wit

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