Vacant property & squatting

Vacant property is a very topical subject in the Netherlands. Millions of square meters of business premises and office premises are empty. Squatters are lying in wait.

Managers of vacant premises

The managers of vacant property have plenty of work. They arrange loan agreements or lease premises temporarily on the basis of the Squatting and Vacancy Act. GMW lawyers can assist the managers of vacant property, both with legal advice about the correct contractual forms and with proceedings for removing tenants who are in breach of contract.


When premises remain empty for a long time this encourages squatting. Squatting is by no means a thing of the past. The changes in the Squatting and Vacancy Act and the Criminal and Procedural Codes have not changed this. When real estate has been occupied, the owner can make a complaint to the police, after which the police and the public prosecutor decide whether and when the premises will be cleared. However, clients may have legitimate grounds (urgent needs or to limit damages) not to wait for enforcement by the police or the courts, if these will act at all. GMW lawyers frequently institutes proceedings successfully against squatters.


Good, prompt advice about the legal difficulties in a case of vacant property is important. What should be included in the agreement on the use, what are the possibilities in the Squatting and Vacancy Act and what type of agreement suits your situation best? It’s also important to know the steps you can take if your property has been occupied. GMW lawyers can provide you with sound legal advice at every stage and institute proceedings on your behalf should this be necessary.

Get help with vacant property and squatting

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