Dismissal & redundancy

There are many types of redundancy and every type of termination has its own regulation. Will you receive what you are entitled to? How high is my transitional payment? Has your unemployment benefit been secured?

Termination, dissolution, a settlement agreement or reorganisation; the specialists at GMW lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide you with good support.

My contract is coming to an end

The final date in your employment agreement shows the end of your employment. But this is not always the case. Have you been informed in good time about the end of your contract? Have you received several temporary contracts? Did you have a permanent contract with your employer? In that case it is quite possible that your employment does not actually end on the date which was stated.


Your employer has terminated your employment agreement. The period of notice has been observed. The employment agreement states that both parties can terminate the agreement. However, this is not always the case. In order to terminate an employment agreement without your consent the employer usually has to first ask the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for permission.

Even with the consent of the UWV, there may be a prohibition on terminating the agreement, for example if you are pregnant, sick (for less than two years) or a member of the works council.


The employer can also go to the district court in order to have your employment agreement dissolved. In such proceedings you may be able to claim transitional compensation or fair reimbursement. Learn more about severance payments.

Settlement agreement

If you agree with the termination of the employment and you would like to arrive at a settlement with your employer, it is possible with a so-called settlement agreement. When you have signed this, you may still have at least two weeks to change your mind.

Further information

If your employment agreement has been terminated, we invite you to contact our employment law specialists.

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