In the current economic situation, companies are often asked to reorganise. A reorganisation is a complex process. It is very important that this process is done well so that your company can successfully make the required changes. The employment law specialists at GMW lawyers can provide assistance and support with the reorganisation process. We do this from the perspective of employment law and in accordance with participation law, while also focusing on the consequences for the employees.

A company is always constantly changing, influenced by economic developments, product innovation and management decisions. These changes are often accompanied by changes in the organisation; reorganisation almost always has consequences for the employees. They may be confronted with dismissal, changes in the employment conditions, or a different place in the organisational arrangement of the business.

Employment law & reorganisation

The employer is confronted with many aspects of employment law related to the reorganisation including;

  • consultation with the trade unions (sometimes required on the basis of the collective employment agreement);
  • requesting advice form the Works Council or staff representatives;
  • drawing up a Social Plan;
  • reallocation and outplacement;
  • apply of selection criteria
  • changing and harmonising employment conditions;
  • business takeovers (the transfer of the company);
  • when more than 20 employees are dismissed, the Collective Redundancy (Notification) Act applies.

How GMW lawyers can help

We can support you with the reorganisation process and assist you during the various stages, always taking into account the aim of the reorganisation. Based on previous experience with reorganisations and all the related employment law aspects, the employment team at GMW lawyers can help you ensure a careful – and successful – reorganisation process.

If you would like to know more about reorganisation, please contact us.

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