When to call a lawyer about work whitepaper 2020

for expats living in the Netherlands

Work is the foundation of the international (expat) life. It takes us to new places and gives us new opportunities. In order to make good decisions it is essential to understand your rights and obligations – and to know when to call in specialist help.

In this updated white paper, employment law expert Godelijn Boonman explains when it is wise to involve a lawyer in your work, and highlights significant changes to Dutch employment law in 2020.

Discover some of the most challenging situations at work, with concrete examples, guidance on what to do, and helpful legal tips.

When to call a lawyer about work whitepaper

New job

Have you just been offered a new job? Learn which key clauses to check in a new employment contract and how they can affect your rights.

Trouble at work

Read what to do in case of problems like changing employment conditions, illness, performance improvement plans, demotion or discrimination.

Losing your job

Learn about ending a contract, resignation, settlements, dismissal, summary dismissal, severance payments and unemployment benefits.