Top 10 FAQ about divorce whitepaper

for expats living in the Netherlands

The world is global, and so are today’s marriages. When it comes to getting divorced this can make it complicated – but for expats who wish to divorce in the Netherlands, it’s possible to make it easier.

In a new white paper, Susan Meijler answers the top 10 most frequently asked questions about divorce for expats living in the Netherlands.

Discover your rights and obligations, key points to consider and benefit from tips about Dutch divorce law.

Top 10 FAQ about divorce whitepaper

Get clear answers

Get straightforward answers to the 10 most popular questions about divorce that we hear from expats in the Netherlands.

Know your rights

Understand your options for getting divorced in the Netherlands, and what a Dutch divorce would mean for your rights.

Bonus: legal tips

Also included: get key legal considerations and helpful tips on each topic from our expert in international family law.