Lise-Milou Lagerwerf

Lise-Milou Lagerwerf

Lise-Milou specialises in family law. Her focus is on (international) divorces. In addition, Lise-Milou is involved in issues regarding access arrangements, parental authority, maintenance and (international) relocations.

Before Lise-Milou joined GMW lawyers, she worked as a senior legal assistant at The Hague District Court, family team. There she was involved in almost all kinds of matters in the field of (international) family law. This gives Lise-Milou a good insight into the work processes within the court and the working methods of judges.

Lise-Milou specialises in making maintenance calculations (child maintenance and partner alimony), settling prenuptial agreements and dividing the community of goods.

Lise-Milou is known for her efficiency and commitment. She knows how to make difficult issues understandable for clients and how to solve them in a practical way. She not only focuses on the legal side of the case, but also takes into account the personal circumstances of her clients. Clients characterise Lise-Milou as to the point and transparent.

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