Sieta Autar-Matawlie

Sieta Autar-Matawlie has extensive experience in the field of inheritance. She advises and litigates in large and complex domestic and international matters of succession, where issues arise such as the settlement of an estate, usufruct, distribution and settling of an estate, powers and discharge of the executor, determining the legal share but also for example obtaining information in order to determine the amount of the balance of the estate. Additionally Sieta advises clients on wills and she executes trusts

With her specialised fiscal and civil knowledge of succession law Sieta works with heirs, executors and notaries. Aside from being a lawyer, Sieta is also an estate planner. She completed her post academic specialty training estate planning successfully with the Grotius Academy. Estate planning entails the legal and fiscal supervision of the transition and preservation of family wealth. The purpose is to transfer the accrued assets to the next generation on the most favourable fiscal terms. Sieta is a member of the Association of Dutch Succession Lawyers and a member of the Working Group on Succession Rotterdam. It has a large network of domestic and international lawyers and notaries at their disposal and works with clients in the Netherlands and abroad. She has frequently published in journals such as the Civiel & Fiscaal Tijdschrift Vermogen and the Tijdschrift Erfrecht. Sieta also assists clients in matters related to administration, receivership and mentorship.

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